How do I stop my kitten/cat from scratching and biting me?

First thing's first, when you understand why your cat behaves the way she/he does, you can try and redirect any undesired behavior towards a more acceptable one.
We've been getting a lot of questions recently, and complaints from our friends about their cats scratching their hands, and biting at their feet. This behavior is completely natural, and you can usually start training your cat as soon as 3 months of age, it's easier that way.
Kittens start scratching and biting as little as a few months old, because that is how they start socializing with their siblings or litter. They often do that as a form of play, socializing, and instinctually testing one another's boundary, what hurts and what doesn't. In some cases though, the scratching and biting could be a sign that your kitten is feeling scared or uncomfortable. To rule out the latter, here are a few things you can try to watch out for:
• Are your kittens behaving this way with everybody, or with certain people, or kids?
Some kids don't know that they might be hurting the little one. So it could be a sign of trying to protect themselves. In that case, you teach the person/child not to bother the kitten.
• Kittens usually don't like to be touched on their paws and stomachs. To figure that out, start by gently passing your hand and petting your kitten all over, and when you notice repeated aggression towards a certain area, stop touching them in that area.
• Yell "NO", and if they don't get it, give them a little gentle tap on the nose.
Often, a kitten needs to be treated like a baby essentially. So a little time-out where you carry them from the top of their neck like their mom would, and put them in another quiet room for a few minutes until they calm down.
• Redirect their attention to a cat toy.
Generally, we sometimes are at fault as to why our kittens start biting us; it's because we tend to play with them using our hands. A cat instinctually would think that your arm is it's prey, and would want to scratch and bite it. so when that happens, grab our little cat rope or any toy, and use it instead.
In addition to the cat rope, a scratching post is always a good idea where your cat can have a safe zone to let out his/her instinctual needs without having to harm you, or your furniture for the matter. 
For some awesome scratchers, try ours here!
What's your take on the above?
What works for you when your cat starts acting out, please share with us on the comments section below, we'd love to learn from you!

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